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Sacred Masculine


Are you desiring deeper intimacy and more pleasure in your life?

Experience your intimacy and pleasure potential.

Welcome...I'm Brooke Frances

I’m passionate about supporting men to have a healthy connection with their body and masculinity…ultimately unlocking any blocks that are stopping him from accessing full intimacy, power and purpose.

The sessions...

I feel deeply honoured to be able to offer such powerful work to men who are wanting to connect more deeply with themselves. 


This unique healing modality supports you to connect with your intimacy potential, your power and your purpose and is offered with deep presence and integrity. The difference this makes in the lives of men and in their relationships is a joy to witness!

What Clients Are Saying

“During the session I realised that I’ve been fucking just for the sake of fucking. Now I feel like I want to actually include my heart in that experience.”

“Thank you. Such a powerful gift. Seriously important work with such deep intention and consequent impact. Significant difference for men practicing spiritual work and those whom do not! Came away feeling very empowered.”

“Brooke provides a comfortable space to experience a deeper connection with your heart throughout the body. Clear guidance and a meditation to set intention for what is a spiritual ceremony with oneself.”

“I feel sad that I was married for 20 years and not once did I feel this level of intimacy with her.”

"Intimacy is being seen and known as the person you truly are."

Amy Bloom

Are you a full body YES?!

Carlton North

Victoria, Australia


Tel: 0490 691 833

Email:  hello@brookefrances.com

Please note that I don't answer calls from private numbers



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